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Welcome to our site for journal authors. You have come to the right place if you are looking for advice and tips on preparing your article and choosing a journal, or guidance on what happens during production and after publication.

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Are you looking for information about our open access journals? Find out more about open access news and developments, useful information for authors, and our Open and Open Select publishing models on our open access page.

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Are you looking for the Instructions for Authors for a particular journal? If so, please visit Taylor & Francis Online, and then search for the journal you require. Instructions for Authors can be found under the "Authors and submissions" tab on the left-hand navigation.

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Are you looking for information about a manuscript that you have submitted through ScholarOne Manuscripts? If so, please visit this page.

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Are you looking for information about the status of an article that is already in production? If so, please use our tracking system, CATS.

Are you looking for information about publication charges or fees? If so, please visit Taylor & Francis Online, and then search for the journal you require. Instructions for Authors can be found under the "Authors and submissions" tab, and this will tell you if there are any charges.

Are you looking for information about Taylor & Francis Group Books? If so, please visit this page.

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Use our quick "submit an article" link below if you are an author with a paper prepared and you already know which journal you would like to submit to. All aspects of the preparation, submission and production process are covered by the author guides on this site if you need more information.

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Don't miss 2014's most read collections

What have you been reading recently? Discover some of the most read articles of 2014 in:

Congratulations to all the authors who feature in these lists. All of their articles are now free to access, so start browsing today.

Taylor & Francis Editing Services

Get help preparing your paper with Taylor & Francis Editing Services

Offering English language editing, translation, manuscript formatting, and figure preparation, Taylor & Francis Editing Services takes the headache out of preparing your paper for journal submission.

Find out how our Editing Services can help you

Become a reviewer for Leisure Studies

Become a reviewer for Leisure Studies

Is your research focus in the field of leisure behavior, whether in the arts, sports, cultural and informal activities, tourism, urban or rural recreation?

If so, why not consider becoming a reviewer for Leisure Studies, contributing to this high-impact journal.

Could you be the next editor of Community Development?

Could you be the next editor of Community Development?

As the Community Development Society's journal, Community Development is a well-respected, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal on community development issues.

Find out how you could become its editor

Open Select

Making open-access articles more discoverable on Taylor & Francis Online

Finding open access (OA) content on Taylor & Francis Online is now even easier with the site’s new OA navigation tab. Open Select articles are no longer just in the table of contents, but can be found via the navigation tab in the left-hand bar of any subscription journal that has OA articles published in it.

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New journals for 2015: expanding Taylor & Francis' medical titles

  • Postgraduate Medicine focuses on the latest research to support physicians when making treatment decisions, with an emphasis on primary care.
  • Hospital Practice serves the hospitalist’s range of inpatients, covering the latest in-hospital treatments and protocols serving the needs of patients pre- and post-discharge.
  • The Physician and Sportsmedicine is a clinically oriented publication for primary-care physicians, which covers the latest primary care-focused treatments, examines the latest drug discoveries to advance treatment and recovery, and takes into account the medical aspects of exercise therapy for a given condition.

All three journals provide a rapid publication service, are peer-reviewed, and present semi-themed issues that enhance the impact of published articles.

They are all published by Informa Healthcare, now part of the Taylor & Francis Group.

Get your research published with the latest call for papers

Get your research published with the latest call for papers

  • Caucasus Survey is a new peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary and independent journal, concerned with the study of the Caucasus. The editors are welcoming submissions for main articles, review articles, or notes/features on current affairs.
    Read the call for papers now.

  • Science Activities have extended their call for papers focusing on research in the field of 'Integrating science and literacy to meet the standards'.

  • Are you researching in the field of digital cultures and young peoples' lives? A special issue of Leisure Studies will build on the observation that many of the current discussions about young people's leisure should be informed by what is taking place in, and through, emerging technologies.
    Submit your paper today

Free access

Get reading with the latest article collections

  • 2015 marks the International Year of Light, so celebrate with free access to key articles and discounts on books, plus enter a competition for a chance to win a $100 Amazon voucher. Find out more

  • The Millennium Development Goals were formed to galvanize efforts to meet the needs of the world's poorest in such key areas as universal primary education, gender equality, and child mortality. To mark the final year of this program, we have brought together selected research relating to each of the eight goals.
    Start reading the free access collection today.

  • The first issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies Review for 2015 is now free to access, providing readers with overviews and commentary on the growing amount of research on race, ethnicity, nationalism, and related topics. Read now

  • Setting the pace is Routledge’s running collection, showcasing the breadth of research published by Routledge Sport and Leisure on running, in both its professional and recreational contexts. It's free to access until the end of 2015.

  • Keep up to date with the latest news and offers from the Regional Studies Association journals: Regional Studies; Spatial Economic Analysis; Territory, Politics, Governance; and Regional Studies, Regional Science. Each journal has its own section, featuring a range of resources for readers, authors, and researchers.
    Explore the latest special issues, video interviews, calls for papers plus much more.

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