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Taylor & Francis Editing Services

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Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with Taylor & Francis Editing Services, offering authors:

  • - English language editing
  • - Translation (from Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese into English)
  • - Manuscript formatting
  • - Figure preparation

Provided by Research Square, Taylor & Francis Editing Services offers high-quality manuscript editing alongside language expertise, and a deep knowledge of the author's subject area.

All our editors are active researchers from the most reputable US-based universities, who pass a rigorous selection process and have extensive training. Every editor is able to offer expertise in both subject matter and language, taking the headache out of preparing a paper for submission to a journal, and leaving you to focus on your research.

We also offer:

  • Quick turnaround (detailed with each service)
  • Different service levels, dependent on your need
  • Clear pricing

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Please note that whilst we are confident that our services (English Language Editing, Translation, Manuscript Formatting, and Figure Preparation) will improve the quality of your work, we cannot guarantee acceptance of your paper to a Taylor & Francis or any other journal.

Every paper submitted to a Taylor & Francis journal goes through a rigorous peer review process, and is assessed against many criteria, depending on the journal and its aims and scope. However, if your paper is rejected for English-language reasons, we will re-edit it for free.