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Word templates

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Word templates are available for many of our journals. Check the Instructions for Authors page of the journal you are interested in using our Alphalisting.

Please open and read the instruction document first, as this will explain how to save and then use the template.

Select the template that is most suitable for your operating system, then Click on the link to the template and Save to your User Template directory.

Please note that you will need to unzip the file after saving in order to use the template.

Word 2010 Windows

Word 2007 Windows

Word 2003 Windows

Word Mac 2011

Word Mac 2008

Word Mac 2004

FAQs for authors

Image: FAQs for authors

If you have a question, the answer may be here.
Please check these FAQs before you contact us.

How can I find out if a template is available?
Please check the journal's Instructions for Authors page. If templates are available, this page will tell you.

Can I submit my article without using the template?
Yes, the template is not compulsory. You do not need to use it unless you wish to.

I have used the template, and now my document does not look like the articles in the journal.
The template produces a document that is suitable for submission to the academic editor. If your article is accepted, it will be formatted correctly during the production process.

The submission guidelines on the journal's Instructions for Authors page specify different margins from those in the template. Which margin settings should I use?
If the journal specifies a specific measurement for margins please adhere to these instructions.

Do I have to cut and paste my work into the template, or can I just apply the appropriate formats/styles to my document?
You can attach the styles to a previously written document. You do not have to cut and paste. Guidelines for this can be found in the instruction document (above).

I cannot find the template when I try to attach the template styles to an existing document.
Either your template is in the wrong file location or you need to re-map your template path in Word. To do this, please follow these instructions:

  • Find the Developer tab on your toolbar ribbon. If it is not there click the Office Button in the top left of the screen word options -> Word Options (at the bottom of the dialog box) -> Popular.
  • Check Show Developer tab in the Ribbon, click OK.
  • The Developer tab should now be available in your ribbon. Select this and then -> Document Template.
  • This will bring up a dialog box. From here you can 'Attach' and file down to the location of the template.
  • In Windows XP, the usual location for templates is
    C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
  • In Windows 7, the usual location for templates is
    C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

This file location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates is not where templates are stored on my computer. Where shall I save the template to?
Open Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and type
%AppData%\Microsoft\Templates into the address bar if you have Windows XP, or
%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates if you have Windows 7. This will open the correct Template folder for this purpose. You will find the file in here.

Does the template work on a Vista operating system?
Yes it does.

Does the template work on a Linux operating system?
We would like to offer support to authors using open-source software and would be pleased to hear from you at

Should figures and tables be submitted separately?
Guidelines for the submission of figures and tables can usually be found on the journal's Instructions for Authors page. Please follow these instructions.

I have read the journal's Instructions for Authors page and there is a discrepancy between the template and the guidelines for where the correspondence details should go. Which is correct?
Please follow the Instructions for Authors.

Should the running heads begin on the title page? If so, should the title page have the authors (verso) and the second page have the journal title (recto)?
You do not need to insert a running head. This will be done during the production process.

Should the reference list be double-spaced?
Either single or double-spaced is acceptable. If the journal's Instructions for Authors page mentions spacing, please follow the guidelines given there.

What font size and type does the journal use?
We recommend Times New Roman 12-point for manuscript submission. The correct fonts will be applied during the production process.

Can I use EndNote software with the template?
Yes. Once you have formatted your document with the template, please save it as a .doc file and use EndNote in the usual manner.

If your question has not been answered here, please contact

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